Sayspring is now part of Adobe. Read More

Sayspring is now part of Adobe

We’re excited to announce that Sayspring is now part of Adobe. Since we first launched about a year ago, our team has been on a mission to provide...

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Convert Audio Files to use with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

More and more, the team at Sayspring has been using earcons and non-verbal audio as part of our voice design projects and prototypes. Because encoding audio for voice... Read More

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Earcons, the audio version of an icon

As platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant continue to drive the growth of voice user interfaces (VUI), more and more designers are finding themselves working in a... Read More

Image of a loudspeaker
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How to use MP3 audio files with SSML in Amazon Alexa and Google Assist...

Embedding mp3s into a voice interface is one of the most compelling capabilities that SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) has to offer voice designers. Intro music, sound effects,... Read More

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Sayspring Alexa Skill is now available in Canada

Amazon very recently announced that the Amazon Alexa will be on the market in Canada starting Dec 5. And now, the Sayspring Alexa Skill is now available in Canada. If... Read More

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What Netflix, Capital One and Apple Can Teach Us About Voice Design

When companies like Netflix, Capital One, and Apple set out to create products that have an impact, they take design seriously. Design contributes to their bottom lines. Voice... Read More

Sayspring in the Classroom
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Why Professors at MIT, Syracuse, and Others Use Sayspring in the Class...

Something is changing on college campuses across the US. Engineering experts that, one year ago, would have struggled to apply their skills to make useful, scalable market-ready voice... Read More

This Week in Voice Design

This Week in Voice Design: November 10, 2017

We spend time each week finding some interesting stats and stories so you don’t have to.   1. The first speaker based on Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana, debuts... Read More

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The 7 Most Popular Ways to Use Amazon Alexa

There are over 18 million Amazon Alexa devices sold and they’re being used daily for multiple tasks, right out of the gate. The skills that add great design... Read More

The Amazon Mobile app is enabled with a fully-functional voice assistant
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Use your Amazon app to demo voice interfaces on mobile devices

When you open the Amazon app on your smartphone, look for the Alexa logo next to the search field. That logo does more than help you search Amazon... Read More