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Sayspring in the Classroom
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Why Professors at MIT, Syracuse, and Others Use Sayspring in the Classroom

Something is changing on college campuses across the US. Engineering experts that, one year ago, would have struggled to apply their skills to make useful, scalable market-ready voice... Read More

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The 7 Most Popular Ways to Use Amazon Alexa

There are over 18 million Amazon Alexa devices sold and they’re being used daily for multiple tasks, right out of the gate. The skills that add great design... Read More

The Amazon Mobile app is enabled with a fully-functional voice assistant
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Use your Amazon app to demo voice interfaces on mobile devices

When you open the Amazon app on your smartphone, look for the Alexa logo next to the search field. That logo does more than help you search Amazon... Read More

Voice in the Home
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Voice in the Home is the Start of Voice Everywhere

Slightly more than two years after launch, smart speakers are already in 12% of US households. The ease and convenience of voice have made it a part of... Read More

Alexa Routines Announcement
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Alexa apps just got the equivalent of the smartphone homescreen — Introducing Amazon “Routines”

There were some big announcements at an Amazon event this week — most of them focused on new gadgets, namely the Echo Spot. Similar to the Echo Dot,... Read More

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Here’s Every Amazon Alexa Project at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon NYC

Inexplicably held on Mother’s Day, hundreds of developers joined together for Techcrunch Disrupt NYC this year to create interesting programs that could improve the world. With over 700... Read More

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Amazon Confirms the Most Requested Alexa Feature is Coming

Just last week, Amazon launched free messaging and voice calling for Alexa, allowing anyone to make a call or send a text or voice message between any Alexa... Read More

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Amazon Alexa Just Launched Free Messaging and Calling

Everyone has been excited by the announcement of the Amazon Echo Show, an Alexa-powered device that features a screen, but there was an equally disruptive part of today’s... Read More

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The Value of Building Prototypes for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Having an idea for a product is a funny thing. It’s easy to imagine in your head what the experience will be, and it’s exciting to think about... Read More

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Amazon just dropped a huge hint that Alexa is about to get even smarter.

The foundation of Amazon Alexa’s “intelligence” is the individual apps, called Skills, that a user can enable to enhance the functionality of the service. Anyone can build a Skill... Read More