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Convert Audio Files to use with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

More and more, the team at Sayspring has been using earcons and non-verbal audio as part of our voice design projects and prototypes. Because encoding audio for voice... Read More

New Features

Sayspring Alexa Skill is now available in Canada

Amazon very recently announced that the Amazon Alexa will be on the market in Canada starting Dec 5. And now, the Sayspring Alexa Skill is now available in Canada. If... Read More

Sayspring Skill Launches in India
New Features

Sayspring Alexa Skill is now available in India

On the heels of Amazon Alexa and Echo launching in India in early October, the Sayspring Alexa Skill is available in India. Our app now supports English accents in four... Read More

New Features

Sayspring now supports multiple languages

Voice interfaces are taking over the world. Amazon Alexa is already available in the United States, the UK, and Germany. Google Assistant is in the U.S., UK, Australia,... Read More

New Features

Introducing Sayspring Teams

Whether you’re an agency working with your clients, or an internal design team working within your company, chances are you aren’t working on your voice projects alone. Letting... Read More

In-Browser Preview
New Features

Introducing In-Browser Project Previews

When designing a voice application, it’s important to continually to speak to your project throughout the process. There is a profound difference between typed text and spoken words, so... Read More

New Features

Introducing Sharing for All Sayspring Projects

Starting today, you can now share your Sayspring project with other people. They will be able to view each step of the project in their Sayspring account, and... Read More