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How to use MP3 audio files with SSML in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Embedding mp3s into a voice interface is one of the most compelling capabilities that SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) has to offer voice designers. Intro music, sound effects,... Read More

Voice in the Home
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Voice in the Home is the Start of Voice Everywhere

Slightly more than two years after launch, smart speakers are already in 12% of US households. The ease and convenience of voice have made it a part of... Read More


Accessibility and Voice First: Ditch the Alt Text

With a graphical UI, you need to add alt text to important graphics. Or you build Voice First, skip the GUI, and dismiss alt text altogether. What is... Read More


Amazon Likely Just Sold Over 9 Million Echo Devices

Santa may have been a frequent visitor this Christmas, but it seems that Alexa was a close second. While Amazon doesn’t release specific figures, piecing together what sales... Read More

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3 Things To Know About The Market Opportunity of Devices Like Amazon Echo

Gartner recently released a research report on what they’ve titled “Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)-Enabled Wireless Speakers.” While Amazon Alexa-powered devices such as Echo and Dot make up most... Read More