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The process of designing and building a voice application is only the beginning. Much like launching a mobile app, you still need to let the world know about your Amazon Alexa Skill or Google Home Action with landing pages, blog posts, or more.

If you’re at an agency or in the consulting business, you will also want to add a section to your website letting prospective clients know you offer voice user interface design services. Your team will likely need to put together sales decks, presentations, and other marketing materials along the way.

To make sure your visual design is as sharp as your voice┬ádesign, we created a Google Home Vector EPS and PNG files to use in your work. You can use it however you want for the most part. Incorporate it in your client work as you see fit, we just ask that you don’t sell the source file as is elsewhere. You don’t need to credit us in your work, though a tweet to say thanks is always appreciated.

We hope it enjoy it. And if you have any thoughts or questions, just give us a shout.

Mark Webster

Founder and CEO of Sayspring. Designer. Developer. Follow me on Twitter at @markcwebster.