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When you open the Amazon app on your smartphone, look for the Alexa logo next to the search field. That logo does more than help you search Amazon with voice commands. Inside the Amazon app, you can shop, play Jeopardy, check the news. If you have a mobile device, you can access essentially any Alexa skill.

The Alexa icon in the Amazon mobile app is a fully functional voice assistant.

If you have a mobile device and an internet connection, you have all the capabilities of Sayspring in your literal hand.

Alexa Icon in the Amazon App

Here’s how to use Alexa on any mobile device to demo your Sayspring voice interface

  1. Go to your Amazon app.
  2. Press the Alexa icon.
  3. Say, “Alexa, launch Sayspring.”
  4. Sayspring will read you a list of your projects. Say the project you’d like to demo and start!

Alexa may be embedded in the Amazon app to assist with shopping, but it’s also an entryway to the entirety of Alexa’s skills. Even shopping with Alexa on the Amazon app is in its early stages. Right now you can only really search Amazon for products and the voice interaction ends. The icon disappears.In the future, Alexa will accompany you throughout your shopping experience.

In the present, Alexa has jumped out of the Echo and into the hand of every mobile user. While it’s not likely that we’ll see the Echo family of smart speakers replaced by the Amazon app, there’s a lot of potential in now that Alexa is in the hands of so many.

Popular use case + popular app = discovery and retention

Discovery and retention are an exciting frontier of voice. Because it has boxed Alexa inside one of voice’s most popular use cases, Amazon addresses retention very strategically. Google recently reported that over half of U.S. teens and 41% of U.S. adults use voice search daily. It’s smart to place Alexa inside a popular app with a need for voice search.

The Amazon Mobile app is enabled with a fully-functional voice assistant

Whether you start prototyping your Sayspring voice designs on the Amazon app or just play Jeopardy, take advantage of this hidden utility in your pocket.

Start demoing your own voice interfaces on Sayspring in just a few minutes.

Mark Webster

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