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When designing a voice application, it’s important to continually to speak to your project throughout the process. There is a profound difference between typed text and spoken words, so our team is constantly looking for ways to better integrate speech into the voice design workflow.

We’re excited to introduce In-Browser Project Previews in Sayspring. You can now interact with your project directly in Sayspring, without the need to connect to a third-party voice platform like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Not having to use external devices for previews really speeds things up, and just like with other previews, each time someone speaks to your project in the browser a transcript of the interaction is created.

Preview Screen

Best of all, even if you’re in a country where services like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant aren’t available yet, you can now still use Sayspring for voice design and prototyping.

One note: this feature is still in Beta, so you may experience minor issues. It’s also requires Google’s Chrome browser, which you can download here.

To try it out, follow the steps below:
(It’s recommended you use an external microphone)

  1. Open your Project in the Chrome browser.
  2. Click Preview in the top-right area.
  3. When you’re ready, click Start Preview.
  4. You will hear the Welcome Greeting for your project.
  5. Say any command, and hear the related response.
  6. When you’re done, hit Stop Preview, or just close the modal.
  7. A transcript of the interaction is now available for review in Transactions.

We’re continually working to improve the voice design process, and in-browser previews are a big step forward.

Mark Webster

Founder and CEO of Sayspring. Designer. Developer. Follow me on Twitter at @markcwebster.