Sayspring is now part of Adobe. Read More
The Amazon Mobile app is enabled with a fully-functional voice assistant
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Use your Amazon app to demo voice interfaces on mobile devices

When you open the Amazon app on your smartphone, look for the Alexa logo next to the search field. That logo does more than help you search Amazon... Read More

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The long-awaited Cortana speaker, Invoke, is here

There’s a new entrant into the smart speaker space. Microsoft. They skipped the popular path of producing the hardware internally and have instead decided to work with Harmon... Read More

Voice in the Home
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Voice in the Home is the Start of Voice Everywhere

Slightly more than two years after launch, smart speakers are already in 12% of US households. The ease and convenience of voice have made it a part of... Read More

OK Google
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Android TV users can now use Google Assistant voice commands

While much of the news about voice can seem downright futuristic, it’s usually the incremental updates that lay the foundation, like the recent announcement that Hulu for Android... Read More

Sayspring Skill Launches in India
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Sayspring Alexa Skill is now available in India

On the heels of Amazon Alexa and Echo launching in India in early October, the Sayspring Alexa Skill is available in India. Our app now supports English accents in four... Read More

Alexa Routines Announcement
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Alexa apps just got the equivalent of the smartphone homescreen — In...

There were some big announcements at an Amazon event this week — most of them focused on new gadgets, namely the Echo Spot. Similar to the Echo Dot,... Read More

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Sayspring now supports multiple languages

Voice interfaces are taking over the world. Amazon Alexa is already available in the United States, the UK, and Germany. Google Assistant is in the U.S., UK, Australia,... Read More

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Introducing Sayspring Teams

Whether you’re an agency working with your clients, or an internal design team working within your company, chances are you aren’t working on your voice projects alone. Letting... Read More


What Every Designer Should Know About Voice

When we hear the term “voice” we often think of platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but the growing popularity of voice interfaces will make them... Read More

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Introducing Sayspring Pro and Enterprise Plans

Since we first launched Sayspring last December, we have learned a ton about how people design voice applications. Based on what we’ve seen, we’re introducing two new premium... Read More