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Accessibility and Voice First: Ditch the Alt Text

With a graphical UI, you need to add alt text to important graphics. Or you build Voice First, skip the GUI, and dismiss alt text altogether. What is... Read More

Company News

Reasons I'm Excited to Join Sayspring Engineering

Cameron Cundiff recently joined the Sayspring team as a Senior Software Engineer. Most recently Cameron led Accessibility efforts for Etsy, and he’s an organizer of the New York City... Read More

In-Browser Preview
New Features

Introducing In-Browser Project Previews

When designing a voice application, it’s important to continually to speak to your project throughout the process. There is a profound difference between typed text and spoken words, so... Read More

Amazon Alexa

Here’s Every Amazon Alexa Project at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackatho...

Inexplicably held on Mother’s Day, hundreds of developers joined together for Techcrunch Disrupt NYC this year to create interesting programs that could improve the world. With over 700... Read More

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Confirms the Most Requested Alexa Feature is Coming

Just last week, Amazon launched free messaging and voice calling for Alexa, allowing anyone to make a call or send a text or voice message between any Alexa... Read More

Amazon Alexa, Voice

Amazon Alexa Just Launched Free Messaging and Calling

Everyone has been excited by the announcement of the Amazon Echo Show, an Alexa-powered device that features a screen, but there was an equally disruptive part of today’s... Read More

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, VUI Design

The Value of Building Prototypes for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Having an idea for a product is a funny thing. It’s easy to imagine in your head what the experience will be, and it’s exciting to think about... Read More

New Features

Introducing Sharing for All Sayspring Projects

Starting today, you can now share your Sayspring project with other people. They will be able to view each step of the project in their Sayspring account, and... Read More

VUI Design

Poor Voice Design, Angry People

In a world of countless daily digital interactions, we have all experienced the annoyance of a bad user experience. When an errant pop-up obscures the screen, or when... Read More


Amazon Likely Just Sold Over 9 Million Echo Devices

Santa may have been a frequent visitor this Christmas, but it seems that Alexa was a close second. While Amazon doesn’t release specific figures, piecing together what sales... Read More