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Voice interfaces are taking over the world. Amazon Alexa is already available in the United States, the UK, and Germany. Google Assistant is in the U.S., UK, Australia, and France. And countless others are launching in more countries every month.

To help teams around the world design great voice experiences, we’re introducing a few new language options for Sayspring.

Hallo, Deutschland.

We are introducing our first non-English language with support for German.

You can now work in German in two ways:

  1. Set your Sayspring account to German, and see our entire interface in German. All new projects you create will default to German, and if you’re creating your account for the first time, you’ll see our sample project, Community Bank, in German as well.
  2. You can also create projects in German, even if your account is set to English. This is especially helpful if you’re working on creating multiple versions of your voice interface for different locales.

For now, our main website and support section will continue to be in English, but expect to see additional languages supported soon.

Language by Region

It’s important to interact with your voice interface using the same regional accent your users ultimately will, so we launched support for British and Australian English.

Now when you Preview projects in Sayspring, you will hear them with the corresponding accent. Better still, your prototype will also better understand those accents, since it will be using a Speech-to-Text engine specifically configured for each regional version of English.

New languages, new audiences, new opportunities. Exciting times.

Mark Webster

Founder and CEO of Sayspring. Designer. Developer. Follow me on Twitter at @markcwebster.