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On the heels of Amazon Alexa and Echo launching in India in early October, the Sayspring Alexa Skill is available in India. Our app now supports English accents in four locales in addition to complete German language support.

There are two new ways users in India can now work with Sayspring:

  1. If you’re using Sayspring in India, enable the app on your Alexa device by simply saying “Alexa, enable Sayspring.” Next, test your voice prototypes directly on Amazon’s smart speakers.
  2. Set your project to Indian English, (this works even if your account not used in India currently). If you’re working on multiple versions of your voice interface for different locales, this enables you to prototype for different regions in just one click.

Set Sayspring project to English, Indian

Set the language of the voice flow you’ve created and start interacting in Indian English immediately. Simple.

Better still, your prototype will also better understand accents, since it will be using a Speech-to-Text engine specifically configured for India’s regional version of English.


New skills, new accents, new audiences, new teams. Let’s go.

Mark Webster

Founder and CEO of Sayspring. Designer. Developer. Follow me on Twitter at @markcwebster.