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Voice, VUI Design

Earcons, the audio version of an icon

As platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant continue to drive the growth of voice user interfaces (VUI), more and more designers are finding themselves working in a... Read More

Amazon Alexa, Voice, VUI Design

Use your Amazon app to demo voice interfaces on mobile devices

When you open the Amazon app on your smartphone, look for the Alexa logo next to the search field. That logo does more than help you search Amazon... Read More

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Confirms the Most Requested Alexa Feature is Coming

Just last week, Amazon launched free messaging and voice calling for Alexa, allowing anyone to make a call or send a text or voice message between any Alexa... Read More

VUI Design

The Impact of Voice Design on Naming

Naming is hard. When you’re deciding what to call your startup, product or even band, finding the right words that evoke the desired emotion while creating something memorable can be a... Read More

Amazon Alexa

Three places we’ll see Amazon Alexa dominate (besides the home)

Famed analyst Mary Meeker dropped her Internet Trends 2016 research report recently, with a large portion of it dedicated to the rise of voice UI and the success... Read More