Sayspring is now part of Adobe. Read More

As of April 16, 2018, Sayspring is now part of Adobe. There have been a few changes to the Sayspring platform, so we wanted to share some details below.

Is the Sayspring platform shutting down?

No. Sayspring will continue to be available to current customers. Customers can continue to communicate with us directly and submit support questions when needed. We will also keep our customers and community aware of new features and functionality as they are added to Sayspring.

How will this affect Sayspring?

The biggest change is how we handle plans and billing, and there will be some small changes to some Sayspring features.

What are the changes to plans and billing?

We no longer have paid plans, and all premium features are now available to all Sayspring users, free of charge for the near term. All recurring invoices for current customers have been cancelled. In addition, all charges made after March 16, 2018 have been refunded back to the original method of payment.

What are the changes to Sayspring features?

There have been some changes to project sharing.

Share an Interactive Project with Anyone
You can now share your interactive Sayspring project via a public page that doesn’t require a Sayspring account. Using the Chrome browser, anyone can talk to your project on that page.

No Longer Able to Share Projects between Non-Team Members
You can no longer share a project with a non-team member within Sayspring. If you want someone to have access to your project within their Sayspring account, you both must be on a Sayspring team together. If you don’t have access to a Sayspring team, click HELP in the top navigation, then send us a Support request asking for team access.

More Features to Come

There are also some new features that will be launching soon, so keep an eye out.

What will happen to Sayspring’s other products?

We are putting all of our focus into furthering Sayspring as part of Adobe, so we’ve decided to shut down two small services – Voicegram and Audio Converter – we had previously launched.

Voicegram by Sayspring has been shut down
A few months ago, we launched the Voicegram by Sayspring service (previously located at, that allows anyone to record and share a conversation with Amazon Alexa. We are in the process of integrating this functionality into the Sayspring platform, and have shut down Voicegram as a stand-alone service.

If you have previously created Voicegrams, they are still available through the email you were originally sent. We will eventually stop hosting live Voicegrams in the coming months, so please make sure you download those videos as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we’ll send out an email giving Voicegram creators advanced notice of when this is scheduled to happen.

Audio Converter has been shut down
The Sayspring Audio Converter service (previously located at is also being integrated directly into Sayspring, and has been shut down as a stand-alone service.

Where can I get help and support for Sayspring?

The Sayspring team will still be handling all of our own help and support. To make things easier for users, we integrated our support section directly into Sayspring. You can click HELP in the top navigation bar to find helpful articles about using the platform. If you have a question, just click Contact Us in Sayspring and we’ll be happy to help.

How can I get access to Sayspring?

All new users will need to submit an invitation request to get access to Sayspring, and select invitations will be sent out on a rolling basis. You can submit a Sayspring invitation request here.

I used to have a free Sayspring account, what happened?

If you had previously registered for a free Sayspring account but have been inactive for the 60 days prior to April 16, 2018, you will need to submit a new invitation request.

When will I receive an invite?

Invitation requests will be reviewed periodically, and select invitations will be sent out on a rolling basis.

Mark Webster

Founder and CEO of Sayspring. Designer. Developer. Follow me on Twitter at @markcwebster.