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Software Engineer

Mid-Senior Level, Full-Time – New York, NY (onsite)

At Sayspring, we’re building the platform that is helping designers iterate and discover good voice applications for their products. Voice UI’s are going to have a profound impact on how people interact with digital devices, and the design community needs the tools and platform to craft compelling user experiences and add personality to voice assistants. Sayspring is that platform.

As a software engineer on our team, you will have a chance to work on every part of the product, from frontend to backend and from ideation and gathering customer feedback to delivery. This is a chance to have a major impact both on the future direction of the company and the culture as the whole company grows. This role is perfect for someone who is excited about the future of the voice user interface and recognizes that we’re living through a shift in interacting with computers as massive as the introduction of the GUI.

What you’ll do

  • Build out the visual interface and tools used by the designers of the next generation of voice applications.
  • Have an impact on the way all voice applications are developed by solving problems that exist for voice apps that don’t exist on other platforms.
  • Prototype, create, and launch your own voice application ideas during our hackdays.
  • Learn from an experienced startup team with backgrounds in product, design, and development. Our last startup, SideTour, was acquired by Groupon.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Experience working in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. The exact number of years experience is up in the air, probably somewhere between 4-6 years, but will count experience starting and launching your own side project.
  • Experience with or familiarity of XP processes such as TDD and Pair Programming and the desire to practice them more.
  • Ideally you have already worked on creating a voice application on Amazon or Google’s platforms on your own. We’re looking for familiarity with the platforms, so whether you have personal skills you’re never releasing or if you have every free developer shirt from Amazon, you’re probably a good fit.
  • Comfortable digging through unfamiliar libraries in unfamiliar languages. The world of voice is brand new and moving quickly, with multiple new platforms on the horizon. Being able to quickly trace through code you’ve never seen before to figure out an answer to a question will really come in handy.

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